Deal With Deportation Proceedings in New Orleans, LA

You'll need an attorney for your deportation defense

Being faced with the possibility of deportation is scary, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Immigration & Nationality Law Group in New Orleans, LA represents clients stuck in immigration and deportation proceedings. You'll work with a dedicated lawyer to build your deportation defense.

Contact us today for immigration removal defense services.

When should you contact a lawyer?

Any time you're dealing with immigration or a deportation defense, it's helpful to find a lawyer. You'll want to turn to us if:

You're involved in an immigration proceeding
You have an immigration bond hearing in your future
You have a family member who law enforcement has detained

If you're given a notice to appear, retain a lawyer for your immigration removal defense. We'll seek a form of release to let you stay in the states or leave on your own accord, or we can help you arrange for your departure if you're told you must leave. Speak to a lawyer now about your situation.